consejos nutricionales para el entrenamiento de alta intesidad
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Nutrition tips to get better at high intensity training

Adapting nutrition correctly is the key to improving your results in high intensity training High intensity training, anyone that involves high doses of exercise such as cross training or HIIT training among other modalities, consumes large amounts of energy and increases our basal metabolism. To achieve maximum performance and continue to improve basic qualities such […]

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How to improve sports performance

Today we will talk about how to improve our sports performance. Many athletes through years of dedication and effort have ever found themselves in a stage where their goals are more difficult to achieve. This period can generate frustration is and the worst thing that the athlete in question left the practice of sport for […]

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Sports Supplements: Do They Really Improve Performance?

We begin a series of articles that will help you not to lose the north in the world of supplements and ergogenic aids. What are they, what are they for, how should they be taken, what dosages are appropriate, and the most important question of all: which ones work and which ones don’t. Before starting, […]

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The diet of a vegetarian athlete can also be balanced

In recent years, many people have changed the type of diet for better health . One of the main changes has been the move to the vegetarian type diet. Among those who follow this type of diet, we find both inactive people and athletes or people who are physically very active; Martina Navratilova, Carl Lewis, […]

entrenamiento y nutrición para conseguir objetivos en el gimnasio
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The secret to achieving your goal in the gym

Learn how training and eating are the ultimate formula to quickly achieve any goal Taking care of your health, being in shape and losing those “extra kilos” are the goals of the vast majority of people who go to a gym and, “if it can be in a matter of weeks, much better”, commented Albert […]

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Vitamin C and the immune system

Protect your body! 🛡 Just like the offensive line of an American football team 🏈 that does everything possible to protect the quarterback, very similar defense processes occur in the body that support its proper functioning, carelessness and the enemy can enter. The defense system that is in charge of protecting against agents such as […]

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Effects of omega 3 on physical exercise

We have always heard that omega 3 is very beneficial for our health. Thanks to its multitude of properties, this fatty acid should be essential in the diet of any person, whether or not they are a practitioner of any sports discipline. Multitude of beneficial properties. Omega 3 is beneficial for our cardiovascular health. It […]

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Recipe: Energy bites

TeamBND Quick and easy to prepare Preparation time 10 min Processor Seasoning container 2 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar 2 Cdas Olive oil 6 Pzs Strawberries 1 Pinch Salt and pepper In a food processor place all the ingredients Processes for approx. 20 seconds Place the contents in a dressing container * Kcal content is per full […]

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Benefits of avocado in the diet

First, consuming an avocado in the definition phase diet will help you lose excess body fat. Besides, the avocado is a fruit that, although it has many calories, one could say that they are good calories due to the nutritional principles that accompany it, most of its fats are monounsaturated fats, therefore they are fats […]

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Calcium, bones and exercise

Each of them plays an important role in the development and maintenance of bone mass. I would like to start by describing basic information, because if you are reading this publication, you are probably a father / mother looking to obtain content related to health and sports … and that I love it! 😀 We […]