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How to improve sports performance

Today we will talk about how to improve our sports performance.

Many athletes through years of dedication and effort have ever found themselves in a stage where their goals are more difficult to achieve. This period can generate frustration is and the worst thing that the athlete in question left the practice of sport for not reaching his goals to this concept we know it as the period of stagnation

Below we will expose several tips that can help us improve performance in our sports overcome the period of stagnation and thus be able to enjoy more and better the practice of our sport and healthy habits.

Train, eat, rest and start again …

First and foremost, before talking about how to improve our sports performance, it is to remember that a good diet and optimal rest is vital for the practice of any sport.

Leading a healthy and balanced life will not always be beneficial to achieve our goals, whether they be sports or any other area of ​​our lives

A good diet and rest will always favor a correct recovery of our stressed organs after training. A balanced diet high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats is always the foundation for good fitness. To always improve our sports performance we can help ourselves through a correct supplementation that helps us achieve our goals. Proper supplementation can always be the last straw to increase our sports performance.

The supplements will get the most of your performance and physical capacity.

A series of basic supplements for any athlete that should never be absent would be the right proteins for each subject in powder, branched or essential amino acids, always accompanied by glutamine. Remember that glutamine makes up 70 to 80% of the composition of our muscle fibers. It is also important to consume a multivitamin
accompanied by minerals this will help us to promote our metabolic processes, hormone secretion and internal processes to function properly. It will also help us maintain a healthy immune system and maintain adequate health for physical exercise.

Consume a good combination pre – intra workout.

Another series of supplements that will help us improve our performance will be powdered carbohydrates.

Here we will include those known as starches or vitarugos (amylopectin, cyclodextrin, maltodextrin) and so on. Not only to achieve hypertrophy related goals but also for any athlete. They will help us to consume a series of extra calories that during the practice of our sport will favor a recovery. We will have better recovered muscles for the practice of it. Muscles with a greater capacity to absorb nutrients and thanks to this with greater energy and prepared to withstand greater stress.

We can also include beta alanine. Perfect for high intensity sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, some like cycling, where we work on the anaerobic and aerobic capacity of our cardiovascular system. We can also accompany it and take it together with creatine, it will help us maintain our ATP reserves, the energy units that we have to perform the exercise. This is the molecule responsible for muscle contraction.

It is also recommended to increase the performance of our body to consume some type of pre-training combination,

Nitric oxide + arginine. It will help us to vasodilate our capillaries and a better entry of blood into our muscles. This means a greater absorption of nutrients during exercise

Also as a pre-training formula we can add the consumption of certain stimulating substances.

Like caffeine, some type of thermogenic, or tea extract. This will always help us delay muscle fatigue one point. And to stay with a greater concentration and feel less tired during the practice of our sports.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Improving sports performance is always accompanied by leading a life as healthy as possible. Here we will include that we have to put aside the consumption of substances harmful to our health such as tobacco or alcohol. Avoid junk foods, sugary drinks …

Staying up late subjecting the body to an incorrect rest will always favor the appearance of muscle fatigue. It will always promote accelerated catabolism and a clear decrease in our sports mind.

Find the right environment to practice and improve your sport.

It is important to surround yourself in an environment that helps you improve and motivates you. An environment that transmits that energy that brings out the best of you in training. To help you improve in the sport you practice in question, in the case of bodybuilding or fitness, we call this environment an anabolic environment. Find suitable facilities. An environment where you have all the materials and accessories to improve your activity.

Here we refer to how, for example, surround yourself with people who practice your passion. That they help you advance in your goals, willing to help you and you to let yourself help to improve.

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