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How to use caffeine to improve your performance

It is proven that caffeine can improve your performance, as long as you use the effective dose to avoid side effects Surely you have participated in countless sports events and have seen that there are many athletes who take supplements that contain caffeine. Those who try it often explain wonders. Is there so much? If […]

ayudas ergogénicas ayudan a mejorar el rendimiento?
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Triathlon and Nutrition

Since triathlon is an endurance sport, nutrition is a determining factor of performance and nutritional intervention before, during and after training and competitions, collaborate with the prevention of injuries and the improvement of sports performance. During continuous exercise, the contribution of different fuels varies depending on the intensity and duration : the higher the intensity […]

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Diet planning for a marathon

Like all major sporting events, it requires the necessary sports and dietary planning to pass the test ‘without suffering’ more than it should. Introduction The marathon is an endurance test of 42.195km. The average duration of this event ranges from 3: 30-4 hours, I feel the time for the first positions of 2:08:00 for men […]

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The right hydration for the gym

We all know how important it is to maintain a good hydration state on a daily basis, but what about in the gym? Normally, when we talk about hydration in sports, we classify it as: hydration before, during and after training. Why? The reason is that the needs of our body are not the same […]

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How to lose weight and define

Actually losing weight and reducing our fat percentage (defining) is easier than increasing or hypertrophying the muscles . It is often said that 20 weeks are needed to lose 5kg of fat and 100 weeks (2 years) are needed to achieve fat-free muscle mass. The fundamental equation is the one that dictates the caloric balance. […]

consejos nutricionales para el entrenamiento de alta intesidad
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Nutrition tips to get better at high intensity training

Adapting nutrition correctly is the key to improving your results in high intensity training High intensity training, anyone that involves high doses of exercise such as cross training or HIIT training among other modalities, consumes large amounts of energy and increases our basal metabolism. To achieve maximum performance and continue to improve basic qualities such […]

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How to improve sports performance

Today we will talk about how to improve our sports performance. Many athletes through years of dedication and effort have ever found themselves in a stage where their goals are more difficult to achieve. This period can generate frustration is and the worst thing that the athlete in question left the practice of sport for […]

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Sports Supplements: Do They Really Improve Performance?

We begin a series of articles that will help you not to lose the north in the world of supplements and ergogenic aids. What are they, what are they for, how should they be taken, what dosages are appropriate, and the most important question of all: which ones work and which ones don’t. Before starting, […]

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The diet of a vegetarian athlete can also be balanced

In recent years, many people have changed the type of diet for better health . One of the main changes has been the move to the vegetarian type diet. Among those who follow this type of diet, we find both inactive people and athletes or people who are physically very active; Martina Navratilova, Carl Lewis, […]

alimentación después de una competición
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What diet should I follow after a competition?

Know the tips and foods you should take after a competition to recover properly and avoid slowing down your progression After the last WOD, the muscle mass recovery process begins. That is why the intake we make at that time will be key to optimizing this recovery. That is why it is advisable to have […]