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Benefits of avocado in the diet

First, consuming an avocado in the definition phase diet will help you lose excess body fat. Besides, the avocado is a fruit that, although it has many calories, one could say that they are good calories due to the nutritional principles that accompany it, most of its fats are monounsaturated fats, therefore they are fats good, which help the body to function properly.

Eat avocado to lose weight

Second in terms of carbohydrates are totally and absolutely soluble fiber. Then I could tell you that in terms of calories it is an ideal fruit for a hypocaloric diet.

Avocado properties:

Slimming properties of avocado, like all fruits, has properties that help you reduce some sizes. Also thanks to its slimming properties is that you can get the benefits of avocado to lose weight. Lose kilos and gain health by eating avocado, a fresh and delicious tropical fruit.

Benefits of avocado to lose weight:

You can obtain the benefits of avocado to lose weight, incorporating it daily into your hypocaloric diet, if you need to lose weight, or to your usual diet.

It can be consumed in different ways:

  • Integer.
  • In fruit or vegetable salads.
  • Oil as a seasoning.
  • Also, in juices, alone or combined with other vegetables or fruits, such as carrots, pineapple, papaya, etc.
  • Another way is in different preparations where you can obtain all the slimming properties.

Next, we will expose the nutritional values ​​of this fruit.

Avocado nutritional information 100gr:

Energy [Kcal] 233.00
Protein [g] 1.88
Carbohydrates [g] 0.40
Fiber [g] 6.33
Total fat [g] 23 , 50
AGS [g] 1.90
AGM [g] 15.48
(AGP + AGM) / AGS 9.15 Cholesterol [mg] 0.00 AGP [g] 1.87
AGP / AGS 0.99 [g] 0.00
Water [g] 67.90
Calcium [mg] 12.00
Iron [mg] 0.49
Iodine [mg] 1.00
Magnesium [mg] 30.00
Zinc [mg] 0.40
Selenium [µg] 0.40
Sodium [mg] 4.70
Potassium [mg] 487.00
Phosphorus [mg] 0.00
Vit. B1 Thiamine [mg] 0.08
Vit. B2 Riboflavin [mg] 0.15
Eq. Niacin [mg] 1.42
Vit. B6 Pyridoxine [mg] 0.36
Ac. Folic [µg] 30.00
Vit. B12 Cyanocobalamin [µg] 0.00
Vit. C Ac. ascorbic [mg] 6.00
Retinol [µg] 0.00
Carotenoids (Eq. β carotenes) [µg] 53.50
Vit. A Eq. Retincl [µg] 12.00
Vit. D [µg] 0.00

Avocado slimming properties:
On what components is scientific experience based to say that avocado has slimming properties?

• First of all, as it has a high amount of fiber, it becomes a satiating fruit that eliminates hunger and prevents you from snacking between meals.

• Due to this same component, fiber, it is detoxifying and also cleansing, since it drags toxins from the body for their elimination.

• Also, it stimulates intestinal motility and the elimination of liquids helping the good renal function.

• Besides, thanks to the fiber it contains, it helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as control diabetes.

• In addition, it prevents astero-sclerosis helping to flush excess accumulated fat from the arteries.

• Thanks to its vitamin C content, it is an excellent antioxidant, thus improving cellular metabolism.
As you will see, reasons are not lacking to take into account the benefits of avocado in helping to lose weight.

In conclusion, every person or athlete should include this food as a fundamental part of their diet as it is considered a highly recommended superfood for a balanced diet.

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