alimentación después de una competición
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What diet should I follow after a competition?

Know the tips and foods you should take after a competition to recover properly and avoid slowing down your progression

After the last WOD, the muscle mass recovery process begins. That is why the intake we make at that time will be key to optimizing this recovery. That is why it is advisable to have a small snack, before lunch or dinner, and preferably one that is a quantity of protein of high biological value and carbohydrate, in addition to drinking water or other liquids to ensure proper hydration.

On the one hand, the protein should be rich in branched-chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, and easy to digest. A good choice could be a whey or whey protein, although there may also be other alternatives such as vegetable proteins (soy, hemp …) or foods rich in protein such as milk and its derivatives (yogurt, smoothie cheese, cottage cheese, etc. .), eggs or soybeans and derivatives (for example, soy yogurts).

On the other hand, carbohydrate will do double duty. On the one hand, it will seek to re-fill the glycogen deposits that will have been emptied during the competition and, on the other, to improve the absorption of protein. Some sources of carbohydrate could be, for example, cereal bars, fruit (natural, dried, in the form of juices, compotes …), vegetable drinks (almond, rice, etc.), cereal flour, porridge …

Hydration will be essential to help fix glycogen within the body and avoid the characteristic muscle cramps. This hydration can be done with water or liquids in general. That is why the shake is usually the predominant post-competition choice for all athletes: they can take the ingredients (protein and carbohydrate) in powder form and mix with water and salts just after the last WOD is finished, making everything more simple.

We can also use other complementary supplements such as glutamine, creatine to increase muscle recovery and strength and w3 supplements and a multivitamin for good metabolic recovery and elimination of free radicals.

In the subsequent meal, it is recommended to choose a first meal of farinaceous (pasta, rice, pizza, potato …) combined with a second protein plate. As a drink, avoid alcohol, as it could increase the state of dehydration. It will be preferable to drink water or juices, for example. By ensuring the post-competition intake just after finishing the WOD, you can have a freer meal.

If the competition is not followed by a meal depending on the finish time, you can have a snack to complement the post-competition shake, such as a lean sausage sandwich or vegetable sandwich. We can also use cereal pancakes, saltines, nuts and avocado, among others, to replace healthy fats and prepare more fuel for the following workouts.

alimentación después de una competición

During the post-competition week it is recommended to increase the consumption of oily fish to help reduce the general inflammation of the muscle mass thanks to the omega 3 it contains. A high carbohydrate intake will continue but the amount of these will depend on many factors: training days, season (competitions in the next few weeks), etc. It is recommended to take a protein intake spread throughout the day, in amounts of 20-30g per serving to increase protein synthesis.

Keep the part of daily fruits and vegetables together with personal needs according to objectives, along with foods such as chia, quinoa, vegetable proteins, superfoods, to ensure the vitamin and natural fiber intake that will also help us perform well. and short and long term body health.

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