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Can my athlete child be a vegetarian?

⚠️¨ A bad practice of this lifestyle can have consequences¨ 👉🏽 The answer is yes ❗️ Currently in the world of sports there are many cases of athletes who practice a vegetarian lifestyle such as David Carter (NFL player: Arizona Cardinals), Venus Williams (professional tennis player ), Lewis Hamilton (F1 driver) among others…. 👩🏻‍⚕️ This […]

alimentación después de una competición
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What diet should I follow after a competition?

Know the tips and foods you should take after a competition to recover properly and avoid slowing down your progression After the last WOD, the muscle mass recovery process begins. That is why the intake we make at that time will be key to optimizing this recovery. That is why it is advisable to have […]

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When Nutrition is an ally of Training

The answer is yes, whether you are a runner , triathlete , bodybuilder , swimmer , footballer or recreational athlete . They all have in common pursuing a series of goals related to improving your health and performance, increasing muscle mass, reducing fat mass, feeling good, among others. The achievement of these objectives is consistent […]

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Eating and resting: invisible training

Know the importance of adequately complementing your training with a correct diet and respecting the necessary rest so as not to slow down its progression Cross training is a very complete high intensity training that combines resistance, strength and flexibility. It is a functional training with exercises that change every day. To ensure a good […]

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Parents concerned about their children’s nutrition

I would like to start by commenting that sometimes I sound quite repetitive when mentioning that they must go to a consultation to carry out an assessment and be able to carry out a nutritional diagnosis in order to to search for solutions. A few days ago I received a message of a mother who […]

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HYDRATION: The athlete’s key

During training or competition, staying hydrated is the key to good athletic performance! Did you know that the body is made up of approx 60% water? 💧 ! E is completely wonderful isn’t it ?! Our body always looks for a balance to function properly and hydration is no exception. If we analyze what happens […]