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HYDRATION: The athlete’s key

During training or competition, staying hydrated is the key to good athletic performance!

Did you know that the body is made up of approx 60% water? 💧 ! E is completely wonderful isn’t it ?!

Our body always looks for a balance to function properly and hydration is no exception. If we analyze what happens inside the body when exercising, we will realize that the fluid content is modified according to different external and internal factors, which affect body functions and including poor sports performance.

Here we will teach you to know the methods to identify the amount of fluid that you must replace and avoid dehydration which occurs when there is a imbalance 😢 between what It is eliminated from body fluid and what is replaced through food and drink.

Body water fulfills different functions among the found:

  • Helps physiological processes such as excretion of metabolic waste
  • Regulates temperature body
  • Regulates blood volume, blood pressure, oxygen transport
  • Pro see nutrients to the brain

💡 Correct hydration depends on multiple factors , however, if not taken into account can cause dehydration:

  1. ☀️ Climate: During very high temperatures, in conjunction with the increase in temperature body and in some cases the sports equipment used (helmet, shoulder pads …) generates greater sweating, which is produced in order to regulate-refresh the body from the increase in temperature that is generated, since very high degrees can be catastrophic mainly for the brain. Therefore, the replacement of liquid must be greater than what is lost.
  2. 🌧 Humidity: This type of climate is more complex since it does not allow sweat to evaporate due to the same humidity.
  3. 💧 Fluid intake: To achieve the desired balance, it is necessary to know what body water is lost in order to replace a little more than was lost a through sweat, urine, breathing etc … to achieve this it is necessary to replace fluid either with sports drink, water, broths 🍲, vegetables high in water 🥒 etc …
  4. 🍋 Electrolyte consumption: Sports drinks provide the electrolytes that are lost through sweat (sodium, potassium, magnesium …) helping to generate an electrolyte balance.

Muscle contraction requires minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If we lack these minerals, cramps can be caused… «

Just to reaffirm … Sweating is the main mechanism by which the body cools generating a loss of water / fluid, which has to be replaced, the ideal is to hydrate before, during and after each sporting activity.

Compared to adolescents and adults, children produce more heat relative to body mass during activities such as walking and running, they have a low sweating capacity and their body temperature it rises at a higher rate during dehydration¹.

There are several methods to know if you are hydrated ², here are 2 💧:

  • Amstrong scale: what is seen by the color of the urine depending on the intensity of the color is if you are hydrated or dehydrated (shown in the recommended link)

Information for download

  • Sweat rate calculations: you could review these calculations with your nutritionist or trainer. (shown in recommended link)

Fluid consumption for a team athlete (depending on training or competition time) has to be high in carbohydrates and sodium before 4 hours of practice or game, since the muscles obtain their energy ³.

»Remember: being thirsty is an indicator of dehydration «

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