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Carbohydrates, are they my enemies?

Sometimes we hear the word Carbohydrates (HC) or carbohydrates (they are practically the same) and it makes us want to run away 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽… to that it does not reach us because it will most likely make us gain weight. !What a scare! Cruz cruz stay away from me …

But are they really that bad? Or could it be that you put a bad label on it and isn’t it?

We should indeed remove that label and let them defend themselves since as in all families there is everything, good and others not so good or such Sometimes not the right ones since their main function is to provide energy to the body .

To start we are going to separate carbohydrates into two categories:


    1. They enter circulation quickly (Beautiful girls): Jam, honey,


    1. refined, sweets, confectionery etc ..

    2. Complexes: Slow to enter circulation (Ugly boyfriend): Foods that mainly contain fiber

There is still more … 😳 when we talk about time, we refer to the speed with which they will enter the bloodstream (blood) through the villi found in the intestine to be used and converted into energy ⚡️ .

Imagine that the The villi of the intestine are like the chain men of a club, if the beautiful girls arrive alone without the company of their boyfriends … they will let them go quickly to the club (to circulation) but if they are accompanied by their boyfriends, they will leave them in line doing queue to enter 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷‍♂️, this is what happens with simple and complex HC.


In some sports it is convenient to use this type of food so that they are in circulation quickly and be used, for example … have you heard of a marathoner who takes their gels to the competition? well, those gels are pretty girls (simple carbohydrates) that allow them to be available to be used and have quick energy… but what if I take a gel but sit down to watch series marathons on the couch? Well, my body is not requiring that energy as such, therefore, it would be detrimental to your health.

Let’s see carbohydrates as a characteristic that a whole family has, and within this family there will always be some that are simple and complex. Sound familiar? 😅😂. Within this entire category are fruits, dairy, legumes, sugars and the famous cereals (tortillas, box bread, pasta, popcorn, corn, tamale etc …), if you notice we are not talking about proteins or fats because They practically do not contain carbohydrates.

Why should you go to an expert to modify the amount of carbohydrates you need according to the activities you do and especially the period in which you are?

The answer is very simple, because you don’t require the same amount of energy all the time ⚡️🔥… if you spend most of the day sitting down and you come home alone to have dinner and go to bed to watch a movie or series, maybe you energy expenditure is not similar to that of another person who, leaving work, will enter 2 hours.

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